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Become a Better Leader

I am sure that every business leader thinks about his or her leadership style and wonders, how they are being perceived by others. Being likeable does not have to be at odds with being successful building a business and managing people. Acting like a leader, like any other skill, […]

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Unterschiede im deutschen und amerikanischen Arbeitszeugnis

Es gibt Empfehlungen, die mehr schaden als nützen: “He left us with enthusiasm” oder “You will be lucky to have him to work for you” gehören zweifellos dazu – besonders wenn sie als gutgemeinte Abschiedsformeln am Ende eines englischen Arbeitszeugnisses stehen. Im besten Fall wird der potentielle neue Arbeitgeber […]

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Employer of Choice

In the recruiting industry we look at different eras as either candidate driven or client driven. The law of supply and demand applies to the labor market just like any other market. When times are tough and companies institute hiring freezes, there is an abundance of talent. We call […]

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