Ad 3 landing page finalDownload our Company Culture assessment to unlock questions such as:

♦  What do you do to motivate/ reward/ engage your employees?

♦  What makes your organization stand out/ unique from other competing organizations?

♦ What has made your team successful and what areas need improvement?

♦  How does the organization react to employee contribution of new ideas and differing opinions? What was the last great idea to come from a team member?



The Importance of Cultural Fit between Company & Candidate

Companies face challenges finding, and more importantly retaining valuable people. Oftentimes, this results from focusing too strongly on just the technical fit between job and candidate. But what is just as important, is the “cultural fit” between an organization and their people. Our recruiters place an equal emphasis on ensuring a strong cultural fit for prospective new hires, by implementing a comprehensive process including the following steps:

1. Client Cultural Needs Analysis Profile (NAP)

We are able to assess a company’s culture and to create a Needs Analysis Profile (NAP) by asking specifically designed questions. Our NAP is designed to determine important key factors of a search assignment like the positions title, job requirements, but more importantly interpersonal, behavioral attributes that prospective candidates need to possess.

2. Company Culture and Candidate Compatibility Analysis 

We are able to assesses a prospective candidate’s personality fit with the company. Here, we clustered our questionnaire into different sections, including value, management and personality questions.

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