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Cultural Compatibility: Recruiting and Hiring for Good Fit

The Q Works Group has a unique background in that we have four team members born and raised in Europe. Each has spent their career learning the importance of understanding and embracing cultural differences in the workplace. They have seen first-hand the pitfalls that can occur when companies hire […]

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Recruiting 4.0 – A better way to get what you need

I know that most people think of recruiters as interchangeable and disposable but the landscape is changing and the people who are recruiting are changing. We are working to develop long-term relationships with our clients and their teams to ensure that we deliver the best possible candidates and service. […]

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Deutscher Firmenboss Richenhagen über Sex unter Kollegen

Dann muss einer gehen
Martin Richenhagen, deutscher Chef des Landmaschinenkonzerns Agco, über Sex und weitere Berufs-Beziehungen in den USA.
Immer noch missbrauchen Vorgesetzte in Deutschland ihre Macht für sexuelle Übergriffe. Doch sie leben damit gefährlicher denn je, wie das manager magazin in seiner Titelgeschichte der März-Ausgabe “Sex, Drugs & CEO” beschreibt. Im Interview […]

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When Does Interim Management Make Perfect Sense?

If you’ve never hired an interim executive manager or do not think you would be interested in that type of position fulfillment then please read on. By definition, interim executive management is the hiring of a temporary, experienced executive brought in to maintain management responsibilities during a defined period […]

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6 Benefits of Engaged Exclusive Searches

If you are considering partnering with an executive search firm, it is important to understand that not all searches (nor search firms) are created equal.  The most common types of searches are:

Contingent (exclusive and non-exclusive): Client has the choice of working with one or multiple firms and firm […]

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Personalmanagement Made in USA

Der Großteil der weltweiten Top-Manager kommt aus den USA. Verschiedene Rankings, die die besten Führungskräfte global auflisten, werden von Managern aus den USA angeführt. Dies liegt sicherlich zum einen daran, dass viele Großkonzerne wie Google, Amazon, Facebook und Apple vor Ort sitzen, andererseits gewiss auch an den Führungskompetenzen der […]

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15th Anniversary Thank You

Today The Q Works Group celebrates our 15th anniversary.  We would like to take this time to send out a very special thanks to all of our business partners, current and former
employees, loyal clients and job candidates
who have enabled us to reach this milestone.  We understand the importance of […]

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Attract and Retain Millennials with Solid Career Pathing

It’s no surprise that in the current candidate-driven market, employers have to adjust, rethink and implement new strategies to not only attract, but also retain talented employees.  There has been a lot of research presented over the past few years on learning to understand what motivates the Millennial generation […]

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German vs American Resume Formats: Getting Noticed by the Hiring Manager

As recruiters, we often see resumes from candidates outside of the US looking for jobs in the “land of opportunity.” Aside from immigration hurdles, it is important to start with a good resume in the appropriate format.

Major differences come into play surrounding tone and style when comparing an American […]

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Wo Frauen mehr zu sagen haben

Düsseldorf (RP). Frauen in Deutschland haben in den Chefetagen weniger gute Posten als in vielen anderen Ländern. Amerika, Skandinavien oder auch Frankreich zeigen, dass Frauenquoten keineswegs das wichtigste Mittel sind, um das weibliche Geschlecht stärker zu fördern.

In Deutschland wird heftig über die Frauenquote diskutiert. Denn in Führungspositionen ist das […]

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