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2018 Year-end Recruiting and Hiring Update

As we enter the last 6 – 8 weeks of 2018, we see a somewhat unusual trend for this time of year. Historically, companies are winding down recruiting efforts by this time due to a number of factors, such as finishing up before the holidays roll around. By late […]

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Major Reason Companies Lose Good Job Candidates: Taking too Long!

This fact cannot be stressed enough; when the interview and hiring process drags on and on, top talent will give up and move on to other opportunities.  A candidate-driven market naturally places candidates in the driver’s seat, thus shifting power away from the hiring company.  This is especially true […]

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How to Become Your External Recruiter’s Favorite Client

Let’s face it; no relationship is perfect.  There needs to be compromise, good communication, support and understanding. This stands true even when you think about working with your external recruiting partner.  The Q Works Group has been assisting client companies with recruiting solutions since 2002.  What I have noticed […]

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Mid-Year 2018 Recruiting & Employment Trends and Insight

As we hit the midpoint of Q3, it is a good time to reiterate some key recruiting trends to keep an eye on as the labor market and economy continue to flourish. If you partner with an external recruiting firm, it is important to make sure they have a […]

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Understanding & Addressing Candidate Motivation

Actively searching for a new job, or considering an out of the blue opportunity, can be a very stressful (exciting, emotional) time in one’s life. The factors that surround deciding whether to accept a new position, or even consider looking for one, vary profoundly based on a candidates’ circumstances […]

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Wann wird ein Streit zum Handelskrieg?

In den vergangenen vier Monaten waren die Medien voller Meldungen über einen drohenden Handelskrieg zwischen den USA, China und der EU. Einige glauben sogar, der Handelskrieg habe bereits begonnen, schließlich gab es Zölle und Gegenzölle in Milliardenhöhe, und so manchen Drohung, dass noch viel mehr folgen könnte.
Das Gefühl des […]

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Gruppenspiel in der Fußball Weltmeisterschaft ist fast beendet, wer wird in der Runde der letzten 16 sein?

Noch drei Wochen bleiben uns in der Fußball Weltmeisterschaft, drei weitere Wochen wo wir in den letzten Sekunden eines Spiels auf das Tor warten, uns aufregen über die neue Videowiedergabe, um dann, mit bittersüßen Gefühlen, am 15. Juli das letzte Spiel im Luyhniki Stadium zu sehen.
Das letzte Spiel im […]

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Please Share Your Hiring Mangers – A Recruiter’s Plea

The unemployment rate in May fell to 3.8%, the lowest since April 2000, which means saying we are in a candidate driven market is an understatement. The talent shortage has led to a surge in companies seeking outside recruiting assistance.  That’s good news for our industry of course, but […]

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So ticken amerikanische Chefs

Nicht dem Boss widersprechen, Vorsicht mit schlüpfrigen Witzen, nie maulen bei Überstunden: Trotz vieler Gemeinsamkeiten gibt es eine kulturelle Kluft, die transatlantische Karrieren empfindlich stören kann, sagt Berater Ron Gorlick. Er hat Tipps gesammelt, die Deutschen helfen, dumme Fehler zu vermeiden.

Vor etwas mehr als 13 Jahren kam ich aus den USA […]

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The Ins and Outs of Contract Staffing

At Q Works, we have been serving the executive permanent placement profile across multiple disciplines and industries for the past 16 Years.  We are pleased to announce that in addition to our permanent placement services, we will now be serving the contract employment sector as well.
It is 2018 and […]

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