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Firmenkultur – Wie wichtig ist die eigentlich?

Seit 20+ Jahren ist der Hersteller von Spezialtextilstoffen in den USA vertreten und auf einem der größten Märkte der Welt kann dieses deutsche Privatunternehmen irgendwie nicht richtig Fuß fassen. Dabei läuft der Laden in Deutschland. Die deutsche Geschäftsführung nimmt erneut einen Führungswechsel vor und der neue Managing Director in […]

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Does your culture breed disengagement?

How many times have you sat in an interview and the prospective employer said, “You know, our culture really sucks here?” My assumption, and not a very bold one, is that has never happened. Why is that?
As an employer, how many times have you been interviewing a prospective employee […]

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2019 Market NOT Impacting Employment Boom

If you were watching the Stock Market in December to close out 2018, things appeared a bit shaky.  Do NOT believe the hype.  My 401k statement was not as pretty in 2018 as the year prior but all was not lost.  There is a clear point that needs to […]

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The German Ambassador to Washington, Emily Haber, seeks to cultivate the collective

She had to get accustomed to Twitter long before she took up her post in the capital of Twitter king Donald Trump’s empire. Emily Haber shakes her head. The 62-year-old began using the online news and social networking service as a state secretary back in Berlin. But somehow in […]

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Deutsche Weihnachtstraditionen

Deutsche Weihnachtstraditionen

Heute stellen wir Ihnen die verschiedensten deutschen Weihnachtstraditionen und Bräuche vor – die Geschichte des Weihnachtsbaums, den traditionellen deutschen Weihnachtsmarkt, den Adventskalender (eine deutsche Erfindung), den Stollen und die Sternsinger.

Der Weihnachtsbaum hat seinen Ursprung im 16. Jahrhundert. Angeblich hat der christliche Reformator Martin Luther als erster brennende Kerzen […]

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Was heißt heute eigentlich „klassischer Karriereaufstieg“

Über viele Jahre haben Unternehmen ihre Bewerber mit detaillierten Karriereplänen angelockt. Es war für beide Seiten von Vorteil; der Mitarbeiter bekam eine relative sichere Berufsperspektive vorgezeichnet und das Unternehmen konnte eine relativ sichere Personalplanung vornehmen.
Mehr und mehr stellen wir fest, dass solche vorgezeichneten Karrieren nicht mehr in die veränderte […]

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2018 Year-end Recruiting and Hiring Update

As we enter the last 6 – 8 weeks of 2018, we see a somewhat unusual trend for this time of year. Historically, companies are winding down recruiting efforts by this time due to a number of factors, such as finishing up before the holidays roll around. By late […]

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Major Reason Companies Lose Good Job Candidates: Taking too Long!

This fact cannot be stressed enough; when the interview and hiring process drags on and on, top talent will give up and move on to other opportunities.  A candidate-driven market naturally places candidates in the driver’s seat, thus shifting power away from the hiring company.  This is especially true […]

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How to Become Your External Recruiter’s Favorite Client

Let’s face it; no relationship is perfect.  There needs to be compromise, good communication, support and understanding. This stands true even when you think about working with your external recruiting partner.  The Q Works Group has been assisting client companies with recruiting solutions since 2002.  What I have noticed […]

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Mid-Year 2018 Recruiting & Employment Trends and Insight

As we hit the midpoint of Q3, it is a good time to reiterate some key recruiting trends to keep an eye on as the labor market and economy continue to flourish. If you partner with an external recruiting firm, it is important to make sure they have a […]

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