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Mid-Year 2018 Recruiting & Employment Trends and Insight

As we hit the midpoint of Q3, it is a good time to reiterate some key recruiting trends to keep an eye on as the labor market and economy continue to flourish. If you partner with an external recruiting firm, it is important to make sure they have a […]

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Understanding & Addressing Candidate Motivation

Actively searching for a new job, or considering an out of the blue opportunity, can be a very stressful (exciting, emotional) time in one’s life. The factors that surround deciding whether to accept a new position, or even consider looking for one, vary profoundly based on a candidates’ circumstances […]

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Please Share Your Hiring Mangers – A Recruiter’s Plea

The unemployment rate in May fell to 3.8%, the lowest since April 2000, which means saying we are in a candidate driven market is an understatement. The talent shortage has led to a surge in companies seeking outside recruiting assistance.  That’s good news for our industry of course, but […]

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Understanding, Accepting and Embracing a Multinational Workplace: (Part 2: How and Why)

In our previous article Understanding, Accepting and Embracing a Multinational Workplace, Part 1, we addressed how and why companies struggle when merging multiple nationalities (diverse cultures). Here we would like to offer tips from a management perspective on overcoming those obstacles and highlight some of the advantages of a […]

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5 Tips to Prevent Candidate Turndowns

As recruiters in such a competitive employment market we are hearing about more offers being turned down and candidates dropping out of the process. So we wanted to share 5 ways you can reduce the risk of wasting anyone’s time.

Don’t make a low ball offer in today’s market […]

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Impact of Salary History Laws on All States

What do the following cities and states all have in common?

New Orleans
New York City
Puerto Rico
San Francisco

They all have, or will soon have, laws on the books preventing employers from asking about job candidate’s salary history. The laws state that […]

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Understanding, Accepting and Embracing a Multinational Workplace (Part 1: The Pitfalls)

The likelihood of working in a multinational environment continues to increase as globalization extends its reach across numerous industries.  Whether working for a small business or large corporation, it’s not uncommon these days in America to be exposed to more than one culture.  Diverse international backgrounds and experiences can […]

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Decrease Turnover: Staying Ahead with Stay Interviews

Building on our article last month about Job Hoppers, companies have the opportunity to decrease turnover by implementing the valuable practice of the “Stay Interview” with current employees.  This is certainly not a brand-new concept, but the current employment climate has forced companies to consider its relevance in the […]

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Job Hoppers: Largely Unavoidable yet Surprisingly Embraceable

“Job Hopper” simply stated means a person who changes jobs frequently (typically every 2 – 3 years). Millennials in particular have been pegged as the noncommittal, wandering job-hoppers but a study by the Washington Post determined that millennials are changing jobs slightly less often than their boomer parents did […]

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Recruiting 4.0 – A better way to get what you need

I know that most people think of recruiters as interchangeable and disposable but the landscape is changing and the people who are recruiting are changing. We are working to develop long-term relationships with our clients and their teams to ensure that we deliver the best possible candidates and service. […]

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