The Importance of Cultural Fit between Company & Candidate 

Today, hundreds of companies are facing challenges in finding, and more importantly retaining valuable people. Oftentimes, this results from focusing too strongly on just the technical fit between job and candidate. But what is just as important, is the “cultural fit” between an organization and their people. Finding and retaining professionals that do not just meet the technical requirements and job specifics but are a great personality fit for the organization drives organizational success.

The Q Works Group has a unique background in that we have four team members born and raised in Europe. Each has spent their career learning the importance of understanding and embracing cultural differences in the workplace. They have seen first-hand the pitfalls that can occur when companies hire people based on resume material alone, such as having the right degree, experience or technical skills, while overlooking the importance of cultural compatibility.

Company Culture Slide Series

Recognizing that culture has a direct and significant impact on being able to recruit and retain good employees is the first step to overcoming incompatibility issues between an organization and it’s people. Before being able to devise a strategy to determine if a candidate is a good fit, the company needs to comprehensively define its own culture.

We have compiled insight and tips on defining and implementing company culture.  Below you may download the slide series. There is both an English and German version available for your convenience.  Please let us know if we can be of further assistance on this subject.

Click images to download slide series:

wp work culture

wp German culture