Helping you find the right fit is what we do. 

We want you to love what you do. 

As recruiters, our primary job is matching talented candidates to our client companies.  We understand that although you may be qualified for a certain position and although you have the required technical skills of the job description, that does not mean you are the “right fit.”  This is where the hard work comes in and what sets us apart from other recruiters you could choose to work with. Our mission is to apply our best practices to recruit people with technical fit and cultural compatibility leading to overall satisfaction and success for both our clients and candidates.

We work with talented individuals to help them achieve their professional and personal goals by exposing them to exciting opportunities with industry leading companies. Candidates in our focus industries can rely on our executive recruiters to provide industry expertise, human resources proficiency and multi-cultural experience. Q Works offers a wide range of benefits for career advancement.

Benefits of partnering with a recruiter include:

  • Knowledge of rewarding positions in the U.S. We can share our market insight on employment trends and observations.
  • Advice on creating a powerful resume. Also, you may check out our Career Preparation page for useful tips and articles.
  • Coaching before and after interviews. Be sure to visit our Interview Tips page to download our full packet of helpful tips and information.
  • Relocation assistance. If your new position requires relocating, we can provide advice and useful links to help you get settled in a new region.

Meet our Recruiters:

Katie Trippe Head Shot No.1

Katie Trippe – Engineering and Glass Industries  (803) 548-8140 Ext. 13

Melissa Coleman - Lighting Industry

Melissa Coleman – Lighting Industry  (803) 548-8140 Ext. 15













Iris Winkelbauer-Hoelzl - European Companies (803) 548-8140 Ext. 17

Iris Winkelbauer-Hoelzl – European Companies (803) 548-8140 Ext. 17

Bertina Brase - Industrial Automation Industries (803) 548-8140 Ext. 26

Bertina Brase – Industrial Automation Industries (803) 548-8140 Ext. 26













Silvia Gray –Automotive Industry                       (864) 313-2305 

Jeremy Yetter –Multi-industry Focus  (540) 797-1202













Courtney Gillespie –Agile Focus (704) 728-7276 

Pat Mills –Multi-industry Recruiter  (704) 907-2785 Ext. 19












Angie Barnes –Multi-industry Recruiter  (803) 548-8140