As your recruiting partner, Q Works search consultants operate with a single mindset: to provide solutions to clients’ recruiting and retention needs. Our clients’ success is a direct result of our own, so it is crucial for both of us to partner to identify and assess the individuals that will best fit a particular position.

For US Clients

The Q Works Group, founded in 2002, is a leading executive search firm providing comprehensive talent management services to industry specific clients nationwide. We are proud to offer our clients a single professional resource to handle both permanent and or contract staffing needs.  Our mission is to provide our clients with market intelligence and our best hiring practices to recruit people with technical fit and cultural compatibility.

For German Clients with Business in the US

The US is known around the world as the “Land of Opportunity. There are many aspects that attract international companies to the US market. Despite the tremendous potential, the US market poses unique challenges that need to be considered and addressed.  To succeed in the US, one of the most important decisions for foreign companies is to select the right management.  Our intercultural competence can mediate between different cultures resulting in greater organizational success.