Things to keep in mind when interviewing:

  • In order to have a successful interview, you must find out what people want and then show them how to get it. Uncover the employer’s wants, needs, desires, goals, and priorities.
  • Listen well to the interviewer. Be attentive – show him/her that you understand the needs of the firm.
  • Establish rapport. Switch the situation from “you against me” to “you and me against the problem.”
  • Be yourself – let your natural strengths come through.
  • Be truthful. If you don’t know how to answer a question, say so – ask for clarifications if necessary.
  • Demonstrate integrity – never divulge confidential information about your previous employers.
  • Never be negative about anything – including former bosses, companies, or employees.
  • Never get into an argument with the interviewer.
  • Always show loyalty to former employers.
  • Be on your toes at all times and with every person you meet: secretary, company employees you pass in the hallway, etc. If invited to lunch or dinner, remember that’s part of the interview as well. Remember – job interview behavior is different from normal work behavior, just as interview dress is different from normal job dress.
  • If you wish, take notes – but ask first.
  • Finally, don’t ask the employer about salary until you’re offered the position. To get into a salary discussion too early will handicap your negotiating ability. Be sure the employer wants to hire you first, and then you will negotiate from strength.

Interview Prep Packet

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