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The Q Works Group verfügt über umfangreiche internationale Erfahrungen und interkulturelle Kompetenz, ideale Voraussetzungen, um Sie bei Personalbesetzungen zu unterstützen.

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Multi-Cultural Competence 

We are proud to have four bilingual recruiters on staff, all fluent in German, and each with a background in international business management.  Click here to learn more about our  German American Business Recruiting Team.

Shared Responsibility and Our Search Process 

It is our philosophy to offer our clients the best service possible. Building lasting partnerships is more important to us than making a quick sale. To ensure a high standard of executive recruitment services, we encourage our clients to take an active role. The better our briefing is upfront, the better we understand our clients’ specific needs and unique company culture. This, in turn allows us to do a better job of matching qualified candidates. Better screening and selection of candidates will save our clients time and money. Thorough and prompt client feedback on resumes and interviews will improve the chances of attracting top candidates.

With over 15 years in the recruiting industry, we have developed a proven search process which has generated hundreds of successful placements for our clients.  Below is a flowchart outlining the overall progression of this process.  For more detailed information please click here.

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