We offer an extensive service portfolio for both our clients and candidates.

The Q Works Group, specializes in serving the technology, automotive, lighting, manufacturing, glass and finance industries.  Our mission is to provide our clients with market intelligence and our best hiring practices to recruit people with technical fit and cultural compatibility.

Our clients’ success is a direct result of our own, so it is crucial for both of us to partner to identify and assess the individuals that will best fit a particular position. We are committed to deliver quality candidates that exceed our clients’ expectations and help them to reach new horizons. We work with talented individuals to help them achieve their professional and personal goals by exposing them to exciting opportunities with industry leading companies. Our goal is to create win-win situations for both our candidates and clients.

¨ Offices in metro Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC

¨ Focused industry knowledge and broad professional network

¨ Diverse German and American client base

¨ Recruiters with significant multicultural experience

¨ Providing customized permanent placement and contract staffing recruiting solutions since 2002.





What is a contractor?

Contractor: a candidate hired for a specified amount of time based on the client’s needs. Typically, this kind of work offers flexibility and variety. Often, it will open doors connecting them with new employers and great opportunities. The contractor is usually a 1099 (Independent Contractor) or a W2 employee of a Firm that supplies these contractors.

Contract to Hire: a candidate hired for a specified role for a specified amount of time that is intended to end by converting to a full-time employee at the employer

How is contract staffing beneficial to employers?

  • It provides reduced employment costs.
  • Flexibility in staffing
  • Less risk
  • Allows the employer to “try before you buy” a permanent employee.
  • Allows the employer to fill a need without formally using Headcount.

Hiring an employee permanently is a great expense to an organization. In many cases over twice their annual salary. Employers costs are tough to calculate. The salary is the easy part. The additional taxes on the employer side, healthcare and initial onboarding expenses like training for starters in addition to standard overhead costs. Hiring a contractor usually eases the burden of onboarding and it allows the employer to “try before they buy”. They can evaluate if the contract employee is a good fit for their organization.

How is contract staffing beneficial to employees/ job candidates?

  • It provides potentially higher earnings.
  • More frequent pay.
  • Flexibility in time/schedule.
  • Increases their skill level within a different environment.


For over 17 years, The Q Works Group has been successfully sourcing and placing candidates to fill permanent, direct hire roles.  The key to recruiting the right talent lies in understanding the clients’ needs and company culture in addition to the technical skill requirements of the position.

How is hiring an external recruiter to fill permanent positions beneficial to employers?

  • Recruiters keep employers focused on their own job responsibilities.
  • Recruiters speed the job fill.
  • Recruiters know how to  attract and uncover inactive candidates.
  • Recruiters provide expertise and market insight into the job market.
  • Recruiters offer a “guarantee period” so are financially vested in provided the best candidate available.
  • Recruiters are able “sell” the client to candidates.


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