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Retention services and solutions that Q Work

Pre-Covid, new hire attrition before one year on the job was 43 percent. Post-Covid, it has risen to 57 percent! Your chances are even higher now of losing a new employee during their first year.

We specialize in solving new hire retention challenges in the following industries:

Q Works' Year-One Retention Solutions

We create and implement customized onboarding solutions to suit your organizational needs, better preparing new hires for the responsibilities of their new role while laying the groundwork to retain them.

Q Works' retention services help your business ensure that the working environment and culture you are creating enable new hires to fully realize their potential and know that you are truly invested in their professional development.

Our leadership and talent management solutions are focused on the behaviors and character attributes necessary for higher productivity and greater long-term success. Q Works emphasizes high-touch, frequent communication throughout the recruiting, hiring, and retention processes.

Make Q Works part of your business

Q Works' consultative staffing, professional, and retention services touch every level of your business, offering honest advice and designing intelligent solutions to address possible stumbling blocks before they happen.

We have a tenured team of recruiters who were once executives and managers. We have held the reigns of leadership and we understand the level of dedication and hard work it takes to be competitive and successful while managing your industry’s unique challenges and pitfalls.

Q Works delivers the retention services that secure and grow your greatest resource—the people.