Organizational Consultant

Michaela Byars

Michaela graduated from Clemson University with a BA in Elementary Education. She went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Learning and Technology through Western Governors University. Through her 13 years as an educator and athletic coach, she specializes in creating meaningful learning experiences as well as building a positive team culture to create desirable results. She plans to use her advanced degree in Learning and Technology to help identify points of improvement in team culture, design logical learning modules to address needs, and use technology and other resources to enhance the client’s learning experience while ensuring data-driven results. Michaela is also a certified specialist in nutrition and fitness trainer. In her free time, she enjoys strength training, taking dance classes, playing intramural sports, and helping others meet their own personal nutrition and fitness goals. A fun fact about Michaela is that she attended and cheered in Super Bowl 50 as a member of the Carolina Panthers Topcats cheerleading squad.