Candidate Services

Truly exceptional careers for the best talent

We are a talent management firm. Every step of the hiring process, before and after placement occurs, is part of our service offering helping major companies in manufacturing, automotive, construction, automation and finance. We are a local firm with a global reach.

We began by offering enhanced opportunities to those German and German American businesses trying to gain a foothold in the United States’ economic space and abroad. As a North Carolina-based business, we have invested in our economic ecosystems.

Helping you find your purpose

If you’re here, that means you’re looking for something that’s missing, a part of your skill set that has been underutilized or overlooked in your current position. Our involvement goes beyond coaching you toward successful placement. We are advisors, consultants, coaches and recruiters with a wealth of experience in the fields and the positions you’re seeking. Our methods are heavily influenced by research and our prior experiences with candidates, allowing us to zero in on companies that match your professional abilities and personal values.

Expanding and evolving industries

Most of our firm’s consultants were leaders in their respective industries first and have their fingers on the pulse of incoming trends and growing influential technologies. The need for automation, robotics and fintech experts is rapidly expanding towards a talent shortage in which your experience and skills will give you great leverage towards choosing the professional home that best fits you.

We are the consultants, advisors and recruiters who live and work within the professional communities we serve. We are career counselors and coaches, focused on your continued development and success.