Industry-German Clients

Expanding and Enhancing Your Presence in the United States

Our German Clients

Q Works manages talent in the US and internationally. We harness our experience with German and German-speaking markets to build long-term relationships with German companies. This has helped us establish an expanding network of German-owned firms, meeting their specific professional and cultural needs.

Your Multicultural Partner

We possess multicultural expertise, the understanding of both German and American cultures your companies will need to find talent and leadership who fits your company culture.

Our Expanding Network

With our location in the United States, we have the necessary market proximity to advise you with qualified, reliable personnel who are suitable for your corporate culture. Our intercultural connections provide highly qualified candidates through a global business network.

Expert coaching for new markets

We prepare our clients for the fierce competition present in U.S. markets. Foreign companies must be able to rely on management professionals with the right market instincts. We supply these companies with the consultative and recruitment services they need to grow their market share.

Accurate Placement

We find professionals with even the most specialized industry experience as well as the necessary technical qualifications.

Talent Sourced to Task

We source permanent placements and contract positions and grow your organizational capabilities through a unique recruitment subscription.

Global Talent Management

We work across cultural boundaries to find those productive and efficient goal-orientated personalities.

Lasting Relationships

Our consultants develop an atmosphere of trust and synergy with our international clients and candidates

Hiring, retaining, and training

Solutions that Q Work

Don’t let your hiring efforts end in attrition before the first year on the job. Q Works' Year-One Retention Solutions offers customized onboarding solutions that better prepare new hires for their roles while laying the groundwork to retain them.

We specialize in solving new hire retention challenges.