PDP ProScan Survey

The Four Cornerstone Behavioral Traits

  • Dominance

    The Take Charge Trait

  • Extroversion

    The People Trait

  • Pace

    The Patience Trait

  • Conformity

    The Systems Trait

Additional DynaMetrics

Stress Adjustments
Energy Style
Energy Level
Energy Drain


PDP is an integrated management system that can be used everyday in all parts of your business. No issue is too small or large for PDP to handle and add value to your business. Whether you are trying to hire the best candidate for an important position you have vacant or to change the culture of your entire organization, PDP is the right tool for the job!

As you know, there are many behavioral assessment tools on the market. Q Works has researched all of them and has found PDP to be the best because of:

  • Accuracy (96%) 
  • Speed (survey takes under 10 minutes to complete) 
  • Data 
  • Multiple applications 
  • Low cost

Click here to see a competitive analysis of PDP with other behavioral assessments.

Q Works Group can do the work for you or provide training so that you can bring the PDP know-how into your company.

Have you ever wonder why people are the way they are? What motives people and what are their expectations of a job or a company? If you are a business owner or executive and know these things about your people, you can have a huge, positive impact on them and your business!

Have you ever made a bad hiring decision, one that has ended up costing you a lot of money or disturbing your team? Maybe you were totally caught off guard a key employee turned in their resignation and moved to a competitor. We can’t turn back time but we can and should learn from these situations.