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Executive Corner – Leaders Aren’t Born!

Michael Clegg | 11/15/2023

Leaders aren’t born.  

Leaders are created, trained, and developed.  

As a leader, it’s YOUR job to set a proper development program in place so that you can leave your company in the hands of the best prepared next leader. 

It’s not news that leadership plays a central role in shaping the direction and culture of an organization. However, leadership structures often face a dilemma—the lack of leadership development programs.  

Statistics show that 77% of companies believe there is a leadership development gap. That’s probably because only 5% of all organizations have successfully implemented a leadership development program within their company.  

Traditionally, leadership positions have been filled by individuals with a wealth of experience. This approach aligns with the concept of the “experience curve,” where costs decline as cumulative experience grows. However, many companies are realizing that having experience doesn’t necessarily equate to management or leadership skill, In fact, it takes an average of 13 years for a leader to get proper training after being put in a leadership role.  

Additionally, experience, when disconnected from the current business landscape, can obstruct progress. Instead of descending further down the current experience curve, organizations must develop the ability to jump to new curves by reimagining their businesses. To achieve this, they need fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. 

The problem with this concept is that 91% of millennials have stated that they don’t plan on staying with their current employer for more than 3 years.  

Why is that? 

The primary reason is that over 2/3 of your employees are disengaged. Leaders have a direct impact on the level of engagement of their teams. Organizations with engaged employees have better retention. Great cultures and deep relationships keep employees engaged. If you follow the Leadership2 framework, you will create a simple roadmap for engaged employees.  

 This is because companies traditionally aren’t investing in their employees, and they aren’t leading with a people-centric leadership style. 

Creating effective leadership development programs is essential to help close this gap.  

However, there are many challenges that present themselves when creating these programs, including the absence of a leadership competency framework in nearly half of all companies. Other challenges include resistance from senior management, cost concerns, and time constraints. 

Businesses have started to realize that it’s more practical and cost-efficient to invest in their employees and train them to become effective leaders rather than hire outsiders to fill the roles. The benefits of having a solid leadership development program are a much greater ROI than hiring an outsider anyway. 

Structured leadership programs help current and future leaders adapt to changes in the workplace more effectively. By investing in comprehensive leadership training and development programs, companies can foster a new generation of leaders and ensure their sustained success in the dynamic business landscape of the 21st century. It’s time to take action and ensure that the leadership gap is closed for good. 

In response to this gap, we’ve created the Pathways Program at Q Works. From entry-level courses to senior level leadership training, we have a thorough training program that can help you and your company rise to the next level.  

Our goal is to help the other 95% of companies create and implement effective leadership training in their organization ensuring a seamless transition to the next generation of capable leaders who will steer the company forward.   

If you need help with leadership development and training, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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