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Executive Corner – We Need Strong Leadership More Than Ever Before

Michael Clegg | 05/25/2022

Every other Wednesday, I provide a newsletter on leadership development. After the news of Uvalde, I’m going to skip this Wednesday because it doesn’t feel right with the news of yesterday. Today, I’m writing as a parent. 

Uvalde takes me back immediately to a decade ago to the Newtown shooting. My second child was in kindergarten at the time when those first-graders lost their lives. This year, my youngest is in 4th grade, which is the same age group as the Uvalde students. All three of my kids were born in Texas and my youngest was born in the San Antonio hospital where some of the victims are being treated. As a parent, it’s very easy for us to try and put ourselves in the shoes of the families impacted. It’s an almost unthinkable thought. However, it’s a reality and one that the leaders of our communities need to address. 

For every event, we have to choose what our response is. People follow people that they trust and respect. If there was ever a time or a reason for leaders to be connected with their teams, now is one of those times. We have serious mental health issues in our society and especially among our youngest age groups. Stay close to your people and provide help where it’s needed. Your teams are counting on you. 

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