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Watch Now: Measuring Culture

Michael Clegg | 09/09/2023

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In this video, we’re diving deep into the world of measuring company culture, a crucial aspect of leadership and organizational success. 🔍

📚 In this insightful video, we cover:

🌐 Defining Culture – Understand what culture truly is and why it’s important for any organization.

🤝 Connecting Employee Values and Company Goals – Learn how to align your employees’ values with your company’s mission for a more engaged workforce.

🏗️ Building Your Culture Roadmap – Discover the steps to define your organizational values and translate them into actionable behaviors.

📊 Measuring Employee Performance Implement a simple grading system to measure how well your employees embody your core values.

🚀 Culture vs. High Performance- Find out why a positive company culture is vital, even if your employees are high performers.

⚠️ Alarming Employee Turnover Statistics – Understand the financial implications of a poor culture and high employee turnover rates. Remember, culture isn’t about ping-pong tables and nap pods; it’s about shaping the behaviors and values that drive your organization forward. If you’re serious about improving your company’s culture and leadership, start watching now and gain valuable insights! 🌟

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