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Q Works Forms Strategic Partnership with Germany’s Leading Interim Executive Placement Firm

rw-admin | 02/10/2016

Announce International partnership


Services Expanding to Include Placement for Interim Executive and Program/ Project Management Opportunities

Q Works Group has formed an exclusive, strategic partnership with taskforce – Management on Demand AG (, Germany’s leading interim executive placement firm. The new affiliation creates an international resource for interim, project and permanent C-suite recruiting.

“More and more U.S. companies have set up European subsidiaries as well as German subsidiaries in the United States, and with that comes a need for different types of recruiting solutions,” said Joe Woerner, Managing Director, Q Works.  “Transitions in leadership are a part of business, but when you are sending individuals from one country to another for permanent or interim assignments, we must carefully consider cultural fit, in addition to skill set.”

Q Works team of seasoned professionals has vast knowledge about European culture, particularly German culture,” said Jens Christophers, Founding Member and CEO, taskforce. “Their experience provides a great fit for our company, and their expertise in executive coaching to assist in making transitions successful is an added bonus. Their industry focus and client-service philosophy mesh well with that of taskforce.”

Since its founding in 2002, Q Works has been a sought-after resource for national and international companies seeking to build a professional, skilled workforce with targeted recruiting services. Q Works focuses on automotive, consumer durables, commercial products, industrial products and automation industries, similar as taskforce in Europe. Among its services, Q Works offers executive searches; needs analysis and candidate profiles; candidate searching and screening; recommendations and interview preparation, and hiring and post-placement services.

For U.S. companies with existing or planned subsidiaries in Germany, Q Works will serve as the initial contact, and taskforce will provide fulfillment services, including sourcing, recruiting and placing executives. For German companies with existing or planned subsidiaries in the U.S., taskforce will be the initial contact, and Q Works will provide fulfillment.

The partnership creates the opportunity for Q Works to build on its success and expand into interim management recruiting, while also enabling the team to focus on its distinguishing service:  cultural coaching.

“Successful recruiting for both the corporation and the individual ultimately rests on how well people fit into the new culture,” Woerner explains. “With Q Works’ experience in evaluating cultural competency and in cultural coaching, we have the capacity to bridge the cultural divide and, as a result, provide candidates who have the potential to thrive in their new environment.”

Woerner and Christophers believe that there has never been a greater a need for interim executive and project management recruiting. “Estimates show that nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers retire each day, and that has a major impact on the workforce,” says Woerner. “That makes our current environment great for candidates but more competitive for companies trying to recruit senior leadership.”

“We also are seeing a growing need for interim project management professionals,” adds Christophers. “Whether it is temporary tasks or strategic projects, the demand is increasing for line managers and project managers. Through the Q Works/taskforce partnership, we can provide professional interim executives who will offer a seasoned perspective to the greatest of challenges, serve as a bridge between the past and the future, and then move on, leaving the corporation stronger as a result of their experience.”

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About Q Works Group:  The Q Works Group is a Charlotte-area executive recruiting firm that specializes in the placement of qualified professionals in the consumer durables and industrial products industries. Founded in 2002, Q Works assists national and international companies in building a professional, skilled workforce with targeted recruiting services.

About taskforce – Management on Demand AG:  taskforce is Germany’s leading partnership for line management and project/ program management in professional interim management. Interim managers from taskforce AG take on operational responsibility for temporary tasks and strategic projects as line managers or project managers in client companies.


Press Release Courtesy of Lynn McMahon, Yearick-Millea