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Watch Now: How can Leaders be Authentic?

Michael Clegg | 12/07/2023

Are you tired of hearing the term “authentic” thrown around without real clarity? It’s a buzzword we’ve all encountered, but understanding its true essence can be a game-changer for your leadership style. In our latest video, we dive into the core of authenticity and how it can revolutionize the way you lead.

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1. Align Actions with Values 🎯

  • Your journey to authentic leadership begins with aligning your actions with your fundamental values.
  • These values are the compass guiding your standards and shaping the authentic leader in you.

2. Embrace Vulnerability 🛡️

  • Authenticity thrives in vulnerability.
  • Learn the art of acknowledging successes and setbacks publicly.
  • Create a culture where taking educated risks is not only permitted but celebrated.

3. Foster a Culture of Feedback 📣

  • Open communication is the heartbeat of authentic leadership.
  • Grant your team permission and set the expectation for them to provide feedback.
  • Practice active listening without interruptions or defensiveness.

4. Transparency is Key 🔍

  • Transparency is the cornerstone of authentic leadership.
  • Keep your team informed, even when delivering challenging news.
  • Explore how transparency fosters trust and openness within your team.

5. Be Yourself, Break the Mold 🚀

  • Step away from conventional leadership models.
  • Embrace your uniqueness—there’s only one you.
  • Experience the transformative shift in your leadership style, creating a workplace where authenticity is not just encouraged but celebrated.

Ready to elevate your leadership game? Watch the full video to learn all about it…it only takes 3 minutes.

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