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2018 Employment Market Forecast is Looking Good

rw-admin | 12/29/2017

Employment Market 18Good news for the employment market and recruiting industry moving into 2018 with employers in all US regions and industry sectors expected to increase staff.  The manufacturing and construction industries in particular are experiencing a rejuvenation leading to a marked increase in job openings within those sectors. The overall unemployment rate is expected to continue to drop over the next two years. With that, the war for sourcing and recruiting talent will continue to rage on, requiring even the most experienced recruiter to come up with new and creative ways to entice those elusive and/or passive candidates.

Each year we compile an overview of trends and observations expected to impact the employment landscape in the upcoming year. The intent is to highlight areas that may be of interest to employers as well as projected areas of concern in terms of recruiting and hiring.

To read the full report, please follow the below link:

2018 Employment Market Outlook