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How To Select A Recruiting Firm

rw-admin | 04/30/2015

Today, nearly every article published on recruiting blogs, social networks, newspapers or other media outlets talks about the so-called “War for Talent”, which refers to the candidate-driven recruiting market that challenges many employers in finding qualified talent. Some companies ask recruiters for help to improve their chances of finding a qualified candidate. With that in mind, we want to offer up a few suggestions on what to look for when selecting a recruiting firm.

Today’s newsletter, written by our Managing Director Joe Woerner, outlines several important aspects to consider when selecting a recruiting partner. In addition, the article provides insights on how recruiting agencies can advance a company’s hiring process.

How To Select A Recruiting Firm

by The Q Works Group

When selecting a recruiting agency, make sure that you ask the following questions regarding the agency’s competency:

  • Experience with this type of position
  • How would they find candidates that you the client could not find on your own
  • How do they ensure that candidates fit your culture

As in most cases, you get what you pay for. Good candidates are hard to find, this requires a targeted approach, tenacity, skill and a powerful presentation platform. Recruiters’ access to a broad network of qualified talent allows them to successfully attract talent, assess their compatibility with the company culture and validate the motivation to make a career move. Moreover, they are familiar with industry specific trends and geographic factors.

Importantly, when deciding to outsource the recruiting functions, select one agency that you feel can do the job. We recommend against hiring several agencies for the benefit of receiving more resumes.

While you may succeed receiving more resumes, you certainly will not get the best candidates for the job. When agencies know that they are competing with others, they feel like they are under the gun and submit folks in their data base quickly. Finding the best takes time and effort. So if you want the best candidates, settle on one agency and hold them accountable to deliver candidates in a reasonable time frame.

Finally, output is a function of input. If you want an agency to represent you well, you need invest time and resources to equip them with the ammunition to capture good candidates’ attention.

Personal growth opportunities, company vision and an attractive corporate culture are key to getting professionals to make a change. Make sure that you articulate those well to your agency partner.