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Only Superstars Need To Apply

rw-admin | 06/12/2013

When you Google, “how to hire great employees”, one of the first answers offered is to only hire Superstars. It’s great advice. If everyone in a company is the best in their field, the company will be unstoppable. Unfortunately it is a hiring strategy that most companies use-and it clearly doesn’t always result in superstar-only companies.

Organizations take great pains to find these impact players. They cast a wide net, eliminate people because of the slightest flaw, and put candidates through rigorous interviews and assessments. Yet, no matter how logical these methods seem, they often skip over exactly the type of candidates they are meant to find. And these searches always seem to start with a resume.

In today’s market a wide net can quickly bring in hundreds of resumes from the most active candidates. With that sea to wade through, resume screening quickly becomes perfunctory. Each resume at first pass can really only get seconds of attention and minor non-superstar related attributes become reasons to exclude people from consideration. To make the process simpler, employers and HR departments are frequently turning to technological solutions to parse resumes and, automatically cull the herd. These solutions, though, are still constrained by the narrow view provided by resumes. And people who advertise themselves as superstars, rarely are. Most attempts to shorten the screening process seem to do little more than handicap it. So how do you find the Superstar, the great employee for your company?

TALKING. We talk to candidates, by phone or video, or meet them in person. We turn interviews into business conversations. We bring a candidate into a problem you are trying to solve and ask for their advice. We dig deep into not just how they work, but how they think and approach problems. Sometimes, the best candidate can be the one that didn’t stand out on paper! As recruiters we obviously look at resumes, but that is just the first step. Our evaluations don’t even start until we actually have a conversation with a potentially qualified candidate. We speak to hundreds of industry professionals each week and it is from this bank of trusted contacts that we often draw from to find passive candidates.
It is like the undrafted free agent: unless you spend time with this person and evaluate him/her, you cannot recognize the potential Superstar.

Please let us know if we can help you find a Superstar.

Your Team from Q Works