Executive Corner – What Can Small Businesses do to Defeat ‘The Great Resignation’?

Leader’s worlds are being flipped upside down in all size companies.  The Great Resignation is a bigger challenge to business than any of the Covid variants.  Yet not many leaders are paying attention.  Gallup data shows that 48% of the current workforce wants to change jobs within the next year.  Covid is only a symptom of this issue.  No community is being impacted greater than the small business…

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Benchmarking Series: HR Generalist in the Charlotte Metro Area

Ask the Experts

Benchmarked Position for September 2021 We wanted to start out our benchmarking series with a position that we feel is highly important to our audience and where we have seen some changes in recent months. Many companies are looking to fill HR positions as professionals move around in the industry. The HR Generalist will work…

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The Importance of Rules – German vs. American


Written By: Joachim Woerner Are Germans more rules oriented than Americans?  An assessment of German company culture shows that German work culture is often characterized by a high degree of conformity.  Looking at the big picture, German law calls for clear cut rules for all situations.  On the other hand, U.S. legal system focuses on interpretation of precedents.  For Germans things are black or white, while in the U.S. there a lot…

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