An Inside Look at Hiring for All Around “Good Fit”

The Q Works Group has a unique background in that our Managing Director, Joe Woerner, is German born and raised and has spent his career learning the importance of understanding cultural differences in the workplace. He has seen first-hand the pitfalls that can occur when companies hire people based on resume material alone, such as…

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Tips to Improve Your Company’s Image- Employer Branding

Man hands holding blue earth and global networking connection and data exchanges

Series: Talent Retention in 2016, Article 2 (The Q Works Group) The sum of who you are as a business can be partially defined by how you are perceived.  You can control much of this by being aware, and maintaining an accurate employer brand. Trouble can arise as we become complacent. Employer branding mistakes are…

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How is Your Company’s First Impression? Employer Branding

Series: Talent Retention in 2016, Article 1 Gone are the days of walking into an unknown office building and asking to fill out an employment application.  These days, you can pretty much guarantee that candidates applying have already done their homework and have formed a first impression of your company.  Spending some time on the…

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