One of the greatest threats to breakthrough innovation and growth will be organizations that stifle differing opinions or worse, those that don’t reward engaging in different ideas. One book that I recently completed by Adam Grant, “Think Again”, has an entire chapter devoted to Psychological Safety. Which is fostering a climate of respect trust and openness…

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Please – STOP Having Bad Meetings

Most leaders understand that a 1×1 is important.  Why are we so bad at them?  Bad 1×1’s lead to disengaged employees which become turnover and low retention rates.  This in turn is hurting your ability to attract top talent and if you do attract top talent, it hurts your ability keep them. I understand how…

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Executive Corner: The Importance of Rules – German vs. American


Written By: Joachim Woerner Are Germans more rules oriented than Americans?  An assessment of German company culture shows that German work culture is often characterized by a high degree of conformity.  Looking at the big picture, German law calls for clear cut rules for all situations.  On the other hand, U.S. legal system focuses on interpretation of precedents.  For Germans things are black or white, while in the U.S. there a lot…

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